Kim Hill is single mother of two college-age daughters. She has built a successful career as a Real Estate Investor with a portfolio of rehabilitated properties worth over $22 million. But perhaps the most unique and interesting aspect of her story is that she is a convicted felon. But what had the potential to ruin her life turned out to be a surprising experience that would allow her to not only overcome her own conviction but help improve the lives of others. 

Today she combines her love of Real Estate with a newly ignited passion for mentoring formerly incarcerated individuals. She has witnessed the incredible transformations that occurs when underserved people are properly educated and given opportunities to rise and shine. One of her biggest accomplishments in this endeavor has been organizing a Convicted Felons Job Fair where she was able to secure jobs, housing and mentors for over 800 former criminals.

Her entrepreneur background also includes experience as owner of three Lash Salons, and a Wig products manufacturing company. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis as an adult.  She is a published author of No Cash No Credit Real Estate, a guide to budget-conscious property investment strategies available on Amazon. She also spear-headed the Keep Memphis Clean initiative which helped rehabilitate hundreds of derelict properties.

When she is not working, She loves to scuba diving, going to the beach and yachting. She currently working on her first Memoir.